Apsley Recruitment’s code of conduct

We aim to do things slightly differently at Apsley Recruitment in order to improve the service you receive, and the reputation of the recruitment industry. We believe that we can work in a more professional way, without hampering our attempts to find your next job. Therefore we have listed some guidelines on what you can expect from us and what we would like to expect from you – if you decide to work with us. This list goes beyond simply respecting and adhering to the relevant legislation and covers our operating practises.

The underlying principle in all of this is that the most successful Recruiters base their business on strong relationships.


What can you expect from us?

  • Everything we do is underpinned by the basic principles of honest and transparency.
  • Our adverts are written to provide an accurate view of the vacancies that we are looking to fill. The vacancy always exists – we do not ‘fish’ for CVs. We try to reply to everyone that applies to our adverts.
  • The selection of which candidate(s) to present to our client is based purely on who we think the client will (a) offer an interview and (b) would consider hiring, and fully respects the diversity laws.
  • We will endeavour to contact you about your application at least once in every 48 hour period – even if there is no update. We see every application through to completion.
  • We will alert you if any new roles come in that may suit you.
  • Your CV will NOT be sent anywhere without your permission.
  • We will not alter your CV unless the changes have been agreed with you.
  • We will always share the client ID with you to confirm it is a company you wish to be involved with (or not), and to avoid any duplication of previous applications which will not benefit you or us.
  • We provide as full a briefing as possible for all candidates who are select for interview with the client. As a minimum this will include an email confirmation of the basic details (when, where, who to ask for), a map and as much of a briefing as we are able to provide.
  • We will always provide interview feedback. Even if we are only given a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from the client we will make sure that we contact you to let you know the answer.
  • If you take up a contract through Apsley Recruitment Ltd we will provide accurate paperwork and prompt payment on all invoices.


What we would like to expect from you?

  • If you decide to work with us please do so in the same spirit of honesty and openness that we work with. We want to develop lasting and effective relationships and these principles are at the core of this process.
  • If we do something that you don’t like, tell us. We are not perfect and are always looking for ways in which to improve.
  • Whilst we will always respect the need for confidentiality of any other applications you may have, we would ask that you let us know of all other opportunities that may affect your decision on whether to join one of our clients. This will allow us the best chance to bring your application through us to completion as rapidly as possible, and to manage our customers’ needs.
    • If you like what we do, please recommend us to people you know – we are growing our business through recommendation and if you know people that would make strong candidates for us or someone who could be a potential client, please do not hesitate to pass on our details and let us know about it.
  • We would ask that you return any messages or calls from us within 24 hours even if only via email so that we can keep track of the process and your own situation.
  • If for any reason you should choose to withdraw from an application you may have us with us, please discuss this promptly with us so we can inform our clients and to understand what other opportunities may interest or suit you better in the future.