Innovative Solutions

Flexible recruitment solutions

In the context of recruitment and related needs, our approach to solving problems for clients is both innovative and flexible. We offer a ‘concierge-type’ service to address many different kinds of challenges faced by early-stage enterprises and longer-established companies.

For example, a company may simply want advice about a ‘what if’ situation, such as:

What is the going rate for a specific level of skillset in a particular sector?

We are a multinational business and want to establish an office in the UK, how do we find the right people to do that, how long will recruitment take, and how much?

Is there any new personnel legislation or regulation on the horizon, in this country or likely to be announced by the EU, which would affect our future expansion plans?

In other words, we offer professional guidance on matters that may have a profound influence on a client’s current and future business.

Besides established companies, we help start-up ventures find their first employee and set up recruitment processes or HR outsourcing projects. At the other extreme, one of our directors played a leading role in the creation of a recruitment desk for a leading investment bank.

For early-stage companies we also offer flexibility on payment options. At what may be a critical stage in the development of an enterprise, we can tailor our fees to help a client’s cashflow. Payments may be made in stages and other ways to fit budgets and financial constraints.

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