Tom Templeton

Founding partner, Apsley Recruitment

“If goals and processes are clearly understood, planned well and executed effectively recruitment should not be an onerous or time-consuming activity. Coupled to delivering positive results, I founded Apsley Recruitment to help clients make the process painless, efficient and cost-effective.”
Tom Templeton possesses sixteen years experience in the recruitment business, including fourteen in the IT sector. He has worked with clients ranging from start-up enterprises to global corporations, held senior posts in recruitment consultancies, and now sees the opportunity to build a more flexible, responsive and agile service.
Tom holds a degree in IT and has maintained a keen interest in technology throughout his career. Tom understands what a client requires and how to single out exceptional candidates. He has a proven record of delivering the right people through thorough systematic search, selection and placement methods an approach he has made fundamental across Apsley Recruitment.